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T61p docking station/ethernet cable problem

When placed in the mini docking station, my T61p laptop fails to recognize the Ethernet cable connected to the dock itself.  To  successfully use an Ethernet connection the cable must be connected directly to the Ethernet port on the thinkpad and the thinkpad must not be placed in the docking station (so the purpose of the docking station is completely defeated).  How can I successfully make an Ethernet connection through the docking station?  At this point USB and screen connections all work fine.  Thanks for any help.
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Re: T61p docking station/ethernet cable problem

Do you have a chance to borrow another docking station of the same type from a cooleague etc? If so, then have your T61 docked in that other docking station. If Ethernet connection works with the cable plugged into that other docking station and your T61 docked, then you will immediately know the source of your problem is your docking station, If it still does not work, then it would be useful to do the same thing with some other T61 docked in your docking station. If it works then the problem is about your T61. If it still does not work (but works with that other t61 when the cable is directly plugged into it) then call your service center, since I have no other idea in that case.

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What's DOS?
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Re: T61p docking station/ethernet cable problem

Most likely a drivers issue...


Go to Lenovo site and download Intel PRO/1000 LAN Adapter Software driver. 


Version: Release Date: 2009/05/19


Steps to take:

Select Control Pannel

Click Administrative Tools

Click Computer Management

Scroll and expand "Device Manager"

Expand Network Adopters

  Check if Intel Gigabit Network Connection is (enabled/disabled)

  If Disabled, enable (right click and enable)


Here you can also uninstall,

then from the above site, download the driver and install,

then repeat earlier steps and enable adaptor


That should work for you, with or without the driver.


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Re: T61p docking station/ethernet cable problem

I have t400 and having same issue. when notebook is started in the dock (form sleep or even just restarted), the ethernet is recongnized,get IP,but cannot get to internet(no response).


I have to remove device (Intel) and detect device again and then it works okay.


I tried driver from MS, also one from Intel, no success.

Jan Solar
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What's DOS?
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Re: T61p docking station/ethernet cable problem

I have the same issue.  When I dock my R61, the ethernet connection fails to connect 9/10 times.  Occasionally, with no recognizable pattern (dock before login, dock after login, dock before boot, dock after boot...) I can get it to connect, but it usually takes 10-20 times of docking and undocking the computer.

Is there a way to disable the port replication of just the ethernet port?  The ethernet connection seems to work fine when it is undocked and plugged into the notebook itself.  But since I use many of the other ports on the docking station along with the locking capability, I would like to continue to use the dock but would be willing to manually plug the ethernet cable into the computer each time.