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There have been multiple discussions over the past months concerning a 1 long and 2 short beep symptom on some T61 and T61p model systems. 


If you are presently experiencing the 1 long and 2 short beep code with a black screen on boot up,  We highly recommend that you contact service at this time for assistance.


Customers who were experiencing a garbled display that was present in BIOS and on attached external displays to contact support. Garbled displays that occur within Windows, but not in BIOS are most likely caused by corrupt video drivers


Please ensure you have updated your drivers to the latest version with those found on Lenovo's support site before contacting support. If you have experienced these symptoms on a T61 or T61p model system in BIOS, please contact support.  The support agent will be able to assist you with in warranty repairs, and in determining if additional coverage is available to you.


Support Number and service providers can be found in the below Link.


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About the T61P going blank with 1 long and 2 short beeps.  I had the same trouble a year ago.  The NVIDIA graphics chip has crashed.  Issue that is well documented at the internet.  In case you have a 1920*1200 screen and want to keep it, then buy a T61 with a broken screen and swap the screen.  Mind you:  MS is a sweet company and does not accept swapping the motherboard, at least not in case of W7.  So use the HD of the TP61 machine with its own W.  If the TP61 comes without HD, then you have to find a fresh copy of Windows.  Good luck.