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Paper Tape
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The best way to change the HDD in my ThinkPad T60

I have at the moment about two to three years on the HDD that is in my T60 and it's getting to the place where the 'free space' is not very large any more. 

And since I'm in my eighties, some of my 'friends' tell me that I should plan to

replace it now while I can still think, because the older person have a tendency to

not being able to cope with what's mentally required as time goes on.

I have bought a new Seagate ST2000LM007, so there is nothing on it that needs saving.

I would like to divide it into one (or two) Primary partitions in the first 512 GB where I would like to install all my Windows 7 32bit stuff from the HDD that is, at the moment inside my ThinkPad T60. 

Is it possible to copy all the s/w, including the updates to this new Seagate HDD?

I'm asking because when I first installed Win 7, there is one s/w program that prevented Win 7 from be fully installed on my ThinkPad and downloading all the Updates that were to be included along with the installation, and there are a whole lot of these.

The rest of the new HDD I would devide up into Logical partitions for eComStation and or Linux.

But my biggest concerne is how to get around this one program that is suppose to be from MS that prevented me from getting all the Updated for Windows 7 when I first installed it.

Any thoughts or ideas?


Fanfold Paper
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Re: The best way to change the HDD in my ThinkPad T60

Hi w4d,

Since it's three weeks since you posted, I assume you've figured out your drive swap. In case you haven't, I have used Acronis True Image to do what you want. Partitioning the drive in Windows disk management is also possible and there are other backup/cloning tools available, too. Some are probably free. Swap the new drive into your T60 and attach the current drive via USB cable, external drive case, etc., before cloning.


I am curious about this "one s/w program that prevented Win 7 from be (sic) fully installed...". What is it? Is it still installed? Have you been able to install all Windows 7 updates to date in spite of it? If your installation is current on updates, cloning your old drive will put them all into your new drive. Best of luck.

Paper Tape
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Re: The best way to change the HDD in my ThinkPad T60


The s/w anomoly:

It was 3 or 4 years ago that I installed Win 7.  At that time there was only one Update listed by MS on the Internet.

And as I remember it, it was Update s/w #6 in the list the led me to a blank wall.

After a couple of days of recouperation, I was redirected to several other Internet sites until I finally found this

particular piece of s/w from MS which then allowed me to continue with the Updates.

I went down this path because I had some difficulty getting some function to working with Win 7, so I went looking for the driver.

That's when I discovered that #6 did not function as it should have.

(When I write #6 I'm just guessing.  It could have been a #7 or a #5, but it was one of the first Updates that

MS had on their list for Win 7 at that time which was to be installed on my PC.)

In looking for the driver that I needed, somehow I found a list of Updates that MS had made available up to that point in time.

And compairing the number of MS Downloads with the list that were installed on my PC, I and my Desktop 

came up on the short end of the stick.

It took several downloads of this s/w before I found the latest one that worked.

Unfortunately, that's all that I can remember from this experience.

Community SeniorMod
Community SeniorMod
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Re: The best way to change the HDD in my ThinkPad T60

To do a fresh win7 install, after running the recovery disk, try this:

Update servicing stack:

Then apply this:

Then retry windows update


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