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What's DOS?
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ThinkPad 310ED : Seeking drivers.

Hello -


I've been handed a ThinkPad 310ED.  It still works.   The *battery* is still good.   The charger is a Sunny device rated 5V @ 1A.   It did charge the battery.


I have an active use for this machine.   For one thing, it's got a real RS-232 port and I have software that needs it.  (USB <--> RS232 won't work).


The Win95 installation is a little shaky.  Considering all the ..junk.. on it, I'd like to reload the machine.  I have a Win95 install CD... but the CD for the 310ED is missing.


Anyone have a pointer to a collection of drivers for the 310ED?


 Yes, it's old.  Yes, it works.  And, yes, I'd like to use it.


Your time is appreciated.


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