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I just upgraded to the most recent version of The Thinkvantage Power Manager. 3.52. My machine is a T60 2008BG4 running Windows 7 ultimate.


I just discovered a thinkpad uitlity process with network activity. 



Can someone tell me what this is and why is it sending data ?


This process is the "Cisco EnergyWise Enabler". Cisco EnergyWise is an IOS based software application that allows Cisco networks to control and perform energy management. The Cisco EnergyWise software enables customers to monitor, control and report on the energy use of building equipment and IT devices using a Cisco EnergyWise enabled network. Cisco EnergyWise enables customers to set dynamic power policies that enable them to save money and reduce green house gas emissions when equipment is not in use.


This process appears to send to the address only which is a limited broadcast address. Senders direct an IP broadcast to to indicate all other nodes on the local network should pick up that message. This broadcast is limited in that it does not reach every node on the Internet, only nodes on the LAN. is not the address of a specific host and cannot be used to setup a connection to transfer data to a host. It's typically used to send a message to all hosts on a LAN (same subnet as your computer only) or a request that everyone in the same local network should receive.


As this file is part of the Power Manager software from Lenovo, you can't stop the broadcast from this process. While it shouldn't cause any issue, if you are concerned about this process and want to block the transmission, one approach may be to end this process through task manager , uninstall power manager or install  software that is able to filter and block this broadcast. 

Lenovo and Cisco worked together to make ThinkPad the first computer product to support Cisco EnergyWise. The ThinkPad has the ability to measure its power consumed and the IT administrator is able to monitor actual power consumption of ThinkPad. Most common power monitors in the world are not based on measured power consumption, but are based on prediction. The actual data the ThinkPad provides will allow the IT administrator to know accurate power costs and help determine the proper action. Also, the IT administrator is able to place ThinkPad into sleep, hibernation and shutdown together with all other endpoints connected to Cisco network.


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