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Fanfold Paper
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ThinkVantage System Update - not working from user account with "run as Admin"

z61p + vista
I never log on as admin - well allmost never - i cant get rid of my UNIX habits Smiley Happy
However, these days i HAVE TO, because a few months ago after a fantastic system update, i cant run system update anymore as a user with the Run As Admin option.
How can this happen ? What on EARTH could be the difference between running as Admin and running as user, requesting admin rights ? *SIGH* So since then i spend my time switching user to admin.. nice run lenovo, keep the good things up.
And PLEASE can anyone tell me, why System Update needs to get package information about and only about Help Center evey single time i wish to update ? Does anyone has the same question ???
(when i start the update process it says something like downloading package information 1of1: lenovo help center...  for 2 months now.. lol)
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