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Paper Tape
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Thinkpad A Series Drivers

Hi All

I recently acquired an A22m in very nice shape for next to nothing, and am currently doing a fresh install of Windows 2000. I went onto Lenovo's support page and after selecting Laptop on the first category, the sub-category for which Thinkpad series it is part of doesn't have a selection for "Thinkpad A Series", but seems to have every other series listed. I went on the support chat and was told to call technical support and once I did that, was told by technical support to search their forum. Nothing showed up, and I thought I should post here instead. Will the page for the A series be put back up? I really want to get this laptop back up and running. Smiley Happy



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Re: Thinkpad A Series Drivers

Welcome to the forum!


Congrats for your purchase, that's a nice fine machine you got there  Smiley Wink


Unfortunately I don't think you may find the drivers in the official Lenovo site soon, the site is being re-structured and probably many other older Thinkpads won't be there anymore.


In your case I would suggest to check this page for more details about your A22m:, then try to identify the correct components and google them to find the corresponding drivers. 


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Re: Thinkpad A Series Drivers


ThinkPad A22m

ThinkPad A22m (except Model 2628-Sxx)

ThinkPad A22m SXGA+


The first pages contain Windows 7 - drivers and tools and starting on page 3 approximately you will find the Windows 98/ME/2000-drivers and tools.

Have success.

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Paper Tape
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Re: Thinkpad A Series Drivers

This is the website that has been working for me. I recomend downloading all drivers for whatever machine you may have, as the page could be taken down. 

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Re: Thinkpad A Series Drivers



As the owner of an A21M, I can tell you that Lenovo, after receiving much flak from the community, finally set up a permanent end of life portal for these old machines. Hopefully, they will keep it up.

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Re: Thinkpad A Series Drivers

Moderator comment: As the support1 URL now forwards to the main/current support portal, which does not serve EoL systems, the post linking the EoL portal has been remarked as the thread solution. Regards.

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Paper Tape
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Re: Thinkpad A Series Drivers

Thanks for the link! So glad they got it running, as I have about 4 A series machines, and i'm happy to get correct drivers easily again.

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