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Paper Tape
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Thinkpad A30: Cannot update BIOS



I have a Thinkpad A30 2652-3WG BIOS v1.03, which I recently revived, installing Windows XP SP3.


I noted that the graphics driver required BIOS v1.14 or higher. Having an old BIOS v1.03, I downloaded BIOS v1.19 and tried to update.


But no matter what I do, whether I choose the floppy or non-floppy version, or even an older BIOS: When I get to the point where I answer "Yes" to start the BIOS update procedure, I get the error:


"System program update is currently disabled. The process has been canceled."


I have checked through all options in the Bios setup, as well as in the Thinkpad Configuration tool in the Control Panel, but I cannot find any settings for enabling/disabling Bios updates. The only think I've found, is an option to enable update through LAN, which is enabled by default.


Any ideas?

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Re: Thinkpad A30: Cannot update BIOS

Welcome to the forum!


A complete shot in the dark on my part, but doesn't cost you anything to try: remove the CMOS (BIOS) battery for an hour, and the main battery at the same time. Keep the machine unplugged throughout this period of time.


Before doing all of the above, please make sure that no Supervisor or BIOS passwords are enabled, so you don't get locked out of the system. 


Plug everything back and see how it goes.


Good luck and let us know. 



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Paper Tape
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Re: Thinkpad A30: Cannot update BIOS

Oookay... time to polish my glasses...


After doing as you suggested, I entered BIOS setup to adjust date/time and correct the settings. I then discovered an item under the "Startup" menu that I hadn't noticed before: "Flash BIOS Update by End-Users". And that was set to - surprise! - Disabled! I enabled it, and then I could update both BIOS and Embedded Controller without problems.


Thanks, ajkula66, your advice forced me to look closely into the Setup program, so I'll give you credit for this one! Robot Very Happy

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