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Paper Tape
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Thinkpad t23 not coming on when power up....

When I hit the power button to start, all the usual lights come on, but the csreen stays black, and there is no keyboard access.

Run my part-time biz off of it, and desperately need it to power up.

I hear it starting, and sometimes, even the ibm thinkpad screen comes up, but nothing else.

Control alt delete does not work, and no keys function, it is as if the keyboard is non-existent.

I am forced to power down through the power button, since the desktop is not up, and wait a while and try again.

Eventually, after 10 or 15 tries it starts like nothing is wrong.

I have had to leave it on.


You veterans out there have any tips, etc?


Patrick ONeill


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Re: Thinkpad t23 not coming on when power up....

Welcome to the forum!


I believe that you'll find this interesting and informative:


Good luck.



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