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Touchpad response delay solved

The issue: 


When typing then immediately switching to the touchpad there is a delay of about a second before the touchpad responds and the cursor moves.


ThinkPad T61p

Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

ThinkPad UltraNav Driver version




Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers > Mouse > UltraNav > Touchpad > Settings > Pointing > Sensitivity > PalmCheck > Set slider (0-7) to position 3


I experimented with this and found that the delay in touchpad response occurs when this slider is set to 4 or higher.  At position 3 and below there is no discernable delay when swithcing from keyboard typing to touchpad navigation.


There are several other threads of various ages related to this topic so I thought I would simply post my solution to this annoyance.  Hope this helps someone else too.

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Paper Tape
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Re: Touchpad response delay solved

Thanks for sharing this! I have prepared the following bug report, so I'll post it anyway. Your solution works for me.


UltraNav driver v15.1.19.0 problem on ThinkPad T60, WinXP Pro SP3.

Problem description:
When I press a key on the notebook keyboard the mouse cursor can't be moved using the touch pad for a second or two. The mouse cursor freezes, everything else works normally.

Steps to reproduce:
- start the SynMood and SynZMetr programs installed with the UltraNav dirver;
- move mouse cursor using the touch pad continuously, SynMood and SynZMetr will display their usual feedback;
- while moving the cursor, start pressing random alphanumeric keys on the keyboard;
- see that SynMood and SynZMetr are still displaying the feedback, but the mouse cursor freezes when you press a key.

I'm sure there is nothing else interferes with the UltraNav software. I literally installed just a clean Win XP SP3 and the UltraNav driver, that's it. Before the driver is installed, there is no problem. When the driver is installed, the problem appears. Uninstalling the UltraNav driver removes the problem again.

Paper Tape
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Re: Touchpad response delay solved

I have a Thinkpad x201 and I have detected the same problem with ThinkPad UltraNav Driver v15.1.19.0. Uninstall it and install the previous version:




The newest version only fix this:

(Fix) Fixed an issue where the touch pad crashed on the Firefox browser when PinchZoom / Two Finger Scrolling continually.


It seems like Lenovo is working on a driver update:

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Re: Touchpad response delay solved


Good share!

I'm using the myself on T410 XP. My palmcheck settings is on 8 however I did not feel that my TouchPad is unresponsive.

So I tried typing closer and the palms resting on the TouchPad then try using the TouchPad, this time I am able to see the issue which you suggested. With the palm resting a little on both the upper sides of the TouchPad then using the thumb immediately on the TouchPad then there is a "hang" in the mouse cursor.

So based on my opinion, its the way how the user type on the keyboard and the palm size of the user.

Kudos to your findings! Smiley Very Happy


In Another note, there is another settings which you could try on the UltraNav, Check KB Below.




Edit note: Added KB link

Paper Tape
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Re: Touchpad response delay solved

I created this account just to thank JeffBinCO.  I have dozens of various models of Lenovos and this solution worked for my users. 


Your description of the problem and resolution was clear and decisive.


Thank you for posting

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Re: Touchpad response delay solved

Allow me to echo thanks to JeffBinCO!


I'm rather quick with the input devices, and have found my productivity diminished due to this issue ever since my company outfitted me with a new T410 (primarily from seeking solutions instead of doing my work!).  There are SO MANY UltraNav settings to adjust, and your posting helped me to focus my efforts.  The path is a little different on the T410:


Control Panel > Mouse > UltraNav > Touchpad > Settings > Smart Check Settings > Palmcheck


Thanks again!





Paper Tape
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Re: Touchpad response delay solved

thanks for this post and the simple, easy-to-follow steps.


have downloaded and installed the touchpad update, which helped.


cranked the settings down to about 1.5-2 and bam. It seems to respond well. I the only one who finds the Levono support, forum, community sites reeeeeally confusing to navigate. (btw... i'm a news website manager for a large research university, and support a staff of people.... so, probably fairly computer/web savvy.


Thanks again for the simple, clear solution.



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Re: Touchpad response delay solved

What exactly do you find confusing about the forum?  I think some more links on the main lenovo site to bring users directly here might be nice, but I come here from a bookmark and find it extremely easy to navigage.


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Re: Touchpad response delay solved

I think it is more of an issue that Lithium forum have a different layout to the usual phpBB based forum, so that may contribute to the 'difficulty'.

Jin Li

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I am a volunteer, and not a paid staff of Lenovo or Microsoft
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Re: Touchpad response delay solved

i made an acount just for this, itseems to have helped the oher guy but when i tried to go to the ultranav setting on it, it wouldnt work either that or i cant find it

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