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Paper Tape
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Trackpoint Issues



Just recently my trackpoint in my T61 stopped responding after having a little water in my keyboard near the left function and shift keys. 


Attempting to fix the problem, I went to the mouse settings to make sure it was enabled, however the Trackpoint section was grayed out and the enabled box was unchecked. I also checked the BIOS settings and both the Trackpoint and touch pad are set to automatic. I have also uninstalled and reinstalled the Ultranav driver and utility. Is there anything else I should do to fix the problem?


The amount of water that got into the keyboard did not look like it was much and evaporated pretty quickly, so I am not sure if this is just a coincidence or it is related to the water being in the keyboard. 


I also tried tried the Trackpoint with a Ubuntu Live CD, but it did not work in Ubuntu either.



Paper Tape
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Re: Trackpoint Issues

Well, I got the problem fixed... I just restarted the computer one more time and the trackpoint started working... Odd. Anyways, I'm glad to have it back.
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