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Trouble connecting to Wireless Networks

Hi, I've had my used T43 Thinkpad for about a week now. I bought if off ThinkPad It works great except that I am unable to connect to "encryption enabled" wireless networks. Via the IBM Access Connections wizard, I scan for available wireless networks and can view many different networks just fine. The problem is that when I attempt to connect to my house's network, which is encryted, or any other encrypted network for that matter, I am not given the opportunity to type in any kind of password, WEP or any other. Instead I am given this message,


"Unable to connect to the selected wireless network. You may need to configure your system to support the authentication method that is in use. Contact your network adminsitrator"


First off, I dont know what an authentication method is. Secondly, who is my network administrator? How do I fix this?


Thanks for your time and help,



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Re: Trouble connecting to Wireless Networks

To start with your second question, if it is your wireless network at home then that makes you the system admin. The computer doesnt know from "jack" who administers your network so that person should be you.


Regarding your first question, the authentication methods are WEP, WPA, WPA2 and so on. I suggest and this is a temporary attempt. Diable your wireless security on your router and see if you can connect. If that works then re-enable its and try using WPA. Go thru the wireless configuration wizard as that wil be the easiest way on the laptop. On your router, set up WPA-PSK and use TKIP. Set a password that you can remember.


Next use the wireless setup wizard or the setup wireless network for home/office option in your wireless adapter properties. Enter the SSID or name of your network, then choose the same authentication method that you set in the router.


Let me know if that works. (Make sure you are not using MAC filtering as well as this will prevent you from connecting regardless of what you do)

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