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Posts: 6
Registered: ‎11-19-2010
Location: Singapore
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Turbo Memory on T61p

Hi all,


Was wondering if anybody could shed some light on the following: on the T61p, there are 3 mini PCIe expansion slots on the motherboard. 2 full size and 1 half size. 1 of the full size slots is taken by the WLAN card so that leaves 1 full size and 1 half size slot for me.


Now i want to install a intel turbo memory module. My question is can i install a half size 4gb module, like those found on the newer T400s and T500s, in the slot that is meant for the wireless USB module? also do i need to go for an orginal Lenovo item? Will other non-Lenovo PCIe components give the 1084 checksum error?






Posts: 6
Registered: ‎11-19-2010
Location: Singapore

Re: Turbo Memory on T61p

hi all,


just a quick update.. i got both the 2 different sizes of turbo memory and tried them out on my T61p.. here are some of my findings..


Full sized PCI-e module (1GB)

Half sized PCI-e Module (2GB)


apparently only the Full sized 1GB module was recognizable on my T61p platform.. i am thinking that with the ICH8M chipset, the full sized 1GB is the max that the chipset will support.


the half sized 2GB module worked very well on a T400 with the ICH9M chipset..


Performance wise, without a clean install of windows 7, boot up time was noticably shorter and also shutdown was very much faster.. will be monintoring batt consumption.. will post again when i have more info to share Smiley Happy