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UDMA for Motherboard and drive

Hello All,

              I have a IBM Thinkpad 600E. How do I find the UDMA setting for the motherboard.Mine has a Pentium II and was bought back in 1998.

I know how to check this from windows but recently I fried up the HDD so I am trying to install the OS on a fresh HDD. It runs into Boot error issues while formatting, and I was told it could be UDMA mismatch of the motherboard and HDD. So wanted to know how can I know the UDMA value on the motherboard either through the BIOS (which I checked but didnt find any) or through any other way ?


Again, does anyone know if these laptops have a limit on the HDD size ? I am trying to go in for a 80GB but would only if I am sure this model supports it.Wud I need to update the BIOS for this ?


I am using this laptop as a secondary laptop for reading stuff and browsing only (if anyone is wondering why I am hanging onto to a PII even now !) 


 Thanks in advance.



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