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Serial Port
Posts: 102
Registered: ‎03-30-2008
Location: California
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USB Transfer Speed from External HD to T61P - SLOW

I get slow transfer speeds of large files from an external harddrive to my T61p.  The details:
USB 2.0 is supposed to be able to do ~60MB/s (480Mb/s).  I had to completely format the T61p harddrive and reinstall the OS, as I screwed up installing a dual boot.  The system otherwise is doing great.

Any ideas for diagnosis??
Paper Tape
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎09-08-2009
Location: USA
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Re: USB Transfer Speed from External HD to T61P - SLOW

I also am experiencing extremely SLOW transfer speeds of files between an external harddrive and my T61.


The details:

External HD: SimpleTech Model 96300-41001-073

OS: Windows 7 x64

Memory: 4GB

Current transfer speed ~8.80 KB/s


  • Machine is setup dual boot.  When switched to Windows XP Pro x86....the slow speeds are not experienced.
  • Copying to/from a USB thumb drive is not experiencing slow speeds.
  • Find no useful information on SimpleTech website.  Have made two requests for help from SimpleTech with no response.
  • Lenovo site does not list this explicit problem.  However a similar problem was noted.  It's fix was made available in a BIOS update which I applied.  The BIOS update did not correct my problem.  (re:
  • All relevant (as I could determine) fixes listed for the beta of WIN7 Beta have also been appplied.  I find no updates for WIN7 RC.


How to further diagnose? 

Fix to apply?