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What's DOS?
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USB problem, Memory parity error

I got this message when ever i place my usb stick. But usb works fine when i boot to linux. Pls help.

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Re: USB problem, Memory parity error

Hello and welcome,


It would help others help you if you provided a little more information.  What model laptop?  What operating system?  How much RAM is installed, and how many modules?  What model/brand USB flash drive?  Does it happen with any USB drive?  Does it happen with other USB devices?


Have you run a memory test?  And so on...



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What's DOS?
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Re: USB problem, Memory parity error

T60, 1g ram, xp3. Usb flash drives works fine when i use it on another pc/laptop. Usb ports also works fine if i use a linux live cd.. Pls help.
I tried installing win 7, problem still remain. I have tried different ways to resolve the problem, failed
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Community Moderator
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Re: USB problem, Memory parity error

Are you running now Win7 or WinXP? Do you have the latest Microsoft updates? Installed?


What about the BIOS of your T60, can you post the current BIOS version? And also the 7 digit code that specifies your machine type, you can find it at the bottom of your laptop.


Could you also try to post a printscreen of the error?




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What's DOS?
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Re: USB problem, Memory parity error

I have installed the updates, latest bios but still no luck. Running on win7 right now, usb mouse,usb keyboard and cooling fan works fine.

Hardware Malfunction
Call your hardware vendor for support
NMI: Parity Check / Memory Parity Error
*** The system has halted ***

Whenever i use a USB stick, that error shows up.
I have tried almost every trick i read in forums, still no luck.
Paper Tape
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Re: USB problem, Memory parity error

I've just this notebook (especially, "Type 2007" one) and after installing Win7 frustrately found I have this error too.


Luckily, my USB mouse and keyboard were working satisfyingly, but I wasn't able to transfer data any way except Wi-Fi. 


After a day I began experimenting how long can USB cable. So I attached my mouse to a hub with 5m long wire and plugged it into T60.


But I haven't noticed that there was very small USB-stick plugged in! So I came up with a solution: just insert all you need into a different hub than Intel N10/ICH7 (this way, external oneCat Happy)


So, good luck!


tl;dr; Use external USB hub!


P.S. Yes, tl;dr; after text is really funny. Smiley Happy

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