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Ultrabay issues

Picked up a T-61 for a song and love the beast, but I'm having a problem with the hard drive Ultrabay that came with the Laptop.


The drive isn't being recognized.  I've tried several SATA drives of sizes between 50 gig to 1 Terabyte, and all fail to recognize in the OS. (I've tried Win 7 and 10)


The drive shows up in the Bios, regardless of which of the actual physical drives I've installed, and passes the Bios diagnostic, and the Drive shows up in the Device manager, but the OS can't see it.


Deeply confused, hoping for a silver bullet.


The DVD Drive Ultrabay works just fine, but no HDD in the other bay can be found by the OS, any suggestions?

Bit Torrent
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Re: Ultrabay issues

If the bios recognizes your drive that tells you the hardware is working, so perhaps your drive/s isn't initicialized, partitioned and formatted, all of which is required for it to be used in the OS. In order to do this you can go to "administrative services" and look for "disc management", from there you should see all installed harddrives and will be able to prepare them for use, 


The step by step methods to do this vary by windows version and methods of navigation, but this should be enough info to get you through it, or you can try a google search such as this...


Let Me Google That For You


*adjust the search string to match your windows version



Hope this helps,



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