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What's DOS?
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Ultranav right and left click buttons failing.

I have a T61p XP pro laptop, and recently my left mouse button acts like a right click, while my right mouse button is devoid of all function.


I usually have the touchpad disabled, but for the purpose of testing, I enabled both, and they all have the same problem. Oddly enough, in Firefox 2, the left click works fine, but right click is still missing.  Any external mouse I use is perfectly fine. I've installed both ultranav drivers for t61 xp laptops, but neither have worked. Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Ultranav right and left click buttons failing.

I have the same problem. I have T61. I upgraded XP to Vista, because I thoght the problem was from the drivers for XP, but the problem still exists. I installed Ultranav driver from lenovo site. If I change the TrackPoint Settings to "Use advanced features only" from Control Panel>Mouse>Ultranav, the Touchpad buttons work fine, but the Trackpoint doesn't work.USB mouse works fine also. Can someone help me with that?
What's DOS?
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Re: Ultranav right and left click buttons failing.

I have a similar problem. I have a Thinkpad Edge E530. I never use the touchpad, and I run Ubuntu Linux 12.04 on it. Occassionally my left mouse button fails on both the keyboard dot and the touchpad, but both right clicks work fine. Rebooting always seems to fix it, but it's rather annoying. =P

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Re: Ultranav right and left click buttons failing.

[ Edited ]

Hello Sarr,


Good thinking, with the ultranav drivers. Those are needed for this next step.  I have run into little oddities like this one and for some reason this fixes them. 

I want you to update your Power Manager Driver. This is for XP, Vista, and W7.

If you do not have power manager installed I suggest downloading from here for Vista or W7 or here for XP.


Please let us know how it goes,





Hello mission20000,


Unfortunately, none of the Thinkvantage technologies work on Ubuntu. 

But you may be able to find an equivalent of the Power Manager download but you do so at your own risk. 

We don't support anything third party but a lot of times this is the driver that fixes Hotkeys, Bluetooth and a few other small items. 


Please, do keep us informed of your progress,



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