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Re: Unhappy about my T61

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Um, how is Lenovo making buggy laptops ? Thousands of T61's have been sold, with XP preloaded.

MS is selling buggy software as their retail disc wont work properly on the T61. Not working on 1% is buggy.

What would happen if cars were sold that worked right "99%" of the time ? Remeber the infamous intel bug in the CPU ?


 And lets not forget the reason OP wants XP " because Vista was buggy and i have trouble with"


Though I agree that MS wont give back anything.

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Serial Port
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Re: Unhappy about my T61

Periodik wrote:
How stupid. I have my Windows XP Licneses buy at 200 bucks and i need to buy another one ? Wow..


A slightly more accurate way of describing he license you were recommended to purchase is:  "An installation that has a tested working set of drivers that have been shown to work on your hardware configuration." 


There is no reason why you can't use an existing license but you will have to make several visits to the Lenovo site to download appropriate drivers and install them into your machine.  You will have to trade off the value of your time (you've bought a ThinkPad so you're probably billing yourself out or valuing your time at -- low end quote -- $50 per hour) versus the time you'll spend trying to get the right drivers installed.


Perhaps you should consider going back to Vista, installing the latest service pack and then installing Virtual PC and putting your XP installation there.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Unhappy about my T61

Ok ok.

I have checked my RAM and its look ok.

Yes i have a Nvidia VideoCard but now its look stable.

All driveres are downloaded by System Update 3. I can't trust Lenovo System Update or what ?

Forget Vista.. i hate him. I know what i talk about i am a SysAdmin and we have try to integrade Vista and its was a falure.
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