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Upgrading Win XP to Win 7- Downloads missing some drivers and Thinkpad tools?

T60, 2008-SAA, preparing to install Win 7 upgrade to replace XP. With slow internet connection, trying to gather all the drivers and Thinkpad apps possible so will not have to do that online during the install. Some glitches so far.


Download list offers Power Management Driver, but no Power Manager for Win 7. Instead they offer PM version 5.2 designated XP only. Question: When a Driver or Software is offered on the download list for a Win 7 install, but it is described as for  XP, are we to ASSUME that it will work with Win 7 OR that it is offered in error and some other must be located?


Second confusion is the set of  downloads, (2) for Multimedia Center and  (1)Roxio Business Creator. All were issued the same date, 3/22/2010. Apparantly all three are required. But the readmes shows the Multimedia Centers to be for Vista/XP for one, 2000/xp for the second, and Vista/7 for the Roxio. Confusion comes from the fact that the "Learn More" claims they are all three good for 2000,XP,Vista and 7. Again, do we assume all is good to go based on the "Learn More" , or not, based on contradictory readme?

And last Question. If no driver is offered in the Download, as for SoundMax audio driver as an example, is it to be expected that there are others available through the TVSU to cover all the gaps on drivers needed for Win 7? I am using caution because Lenovo instructions are to use only drivers furnished by Lenovo. And I hope to be able to restore a full set of Thinkpad tools and goodies as before.


Thanks for your help!



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Re: Upgrading Win XP to Win 7- Downloads missing some drivers and Thinkpad tools?



For the ThinkPad T60's device drivers, you will want to install the Windows 7-specific versions, and not the XP ones, unless the driver description explicitly states it is for both operating systems.


I am not familiar with Multimedia Center or Roxio Business Creator, so will defer to others to assiste you there.


In many instances, newer versions of Windows will have "inbox" driver support for older hardware such as video and audio chips, wired and wireless network adapters, and so forth.  You can download a copy of the ThinkVantage System Update software and use that to install any device drivers which are not provided through the operating system.




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Re: Upgrading Win XP to Win 7- Downloads missing some drivers and Thinkpad tools?

When it comes to T60/p and earlier models, Vista drivers work just fine in W7. Since these machines were never shipped with W7, there were no "official" drivers designed for that OS.


You might have to install them in the "Compatibility" mode, though.



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