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Paper Tape
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VISTA SP1 fails to Load

Error code 80070490 continues to stop me from updating a T61 which was NEW the last day of MARCH 2008. Microsoft asks me for an original Vista disc. My unit did not come with a Vista disc / Lenovo advised that 'it is in there'.
Microsoft asked me to try several things: check files for currency, look for corrupt files. Do a clean boot. None of these helped to complete installation of SP1.
Any ideas ??
Punch Card
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Re: VISTA SP1 fails to Load

Paper Tape
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Re: VISTA SP1 fails to Load

Have googled the error code 80070490 an "internal error". Can't  find a solution that helps. My laptop arrived with Vista Ultimate Loaded on the machine. Was NOT sent a seperate DVD with Vista Ultimate on it. After contacting MSFT, several suggestions were offered - none of which helped. Now can't get them to respond. Machine and software load  is only 3 months old.
Paper Tape
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Error Code 80070002

Still trying to install Vista SP1 - new internal error code 80070002. Can't find out where the problem is. Any Suggestions ?
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Re: Error Code 80070002

Well, here's Microsoft's answer to the SP1 update error you mention: Windows Update Error 80070002

Seems you'll need to remove the temp files from previous updates for the SP1 update to work right. All explained in the article.

Hope it helps
Paper Tape
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error code 800F081F

Each time I try to install Vista SP1, I get a new error code. Cannot find a thread to this new one : error code 800F081F.
Wonder if I'm getting closer.
Retired SuperMod
Retired SuperMod
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Re: error code 800F081F

I moved the different threads into this one to keep everything together.
Regarding activating Vista, see this fix from Microsoft.
The 800F081F problem seems to be solved in the post in the techarena forum, it seems that there is a fix from Microsoft.



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