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What am I missing? (overheating, fans, tpfancontrol)


I have three T60 laptops. I will henceforth refer to these at T60-A, T60-B, and T60-C
T60-A is a 14" version, and is working fine.
T60-B is a 15" version who's hard drive died. I'm trying to install a new hard drive. This computer works fine with the hard drive from T-60-A, but overheats and shuts down. This is the one I want to fix. This is the one I'll mostly focus on.
T60-C is a parts computer with suspected bad motherboard. It is also a 15" model and has been taken apart as of yesterday, fan extracted.
T60-B overheating symptoms: 
She runs warm (by feel directly under the fan on battery (from T60-A) power. She runs HOT with power supply (also from T60-A) plugged in, and shuts down after a time. No fancy graphics programs running. Just Google Chrome. 
I can hear the fan running, and feel hot exhaust coming out. In looking at the intake and exhaust, I seen no visible dirt/dust/spilled drinks that would block the ports. My initial plan was to replace fan with that from T60-C, but at this point, I'm not sure that's the problem, and might do more harm than good. I'm not adverse to performing this opweration though. Fan is loud, but not the sort of 'fan going bad' loud. It's seemingly just working really hard.
Any suggestions on starting points?
TPFancontrol problems:
I figured this would be a helpful diagnostic tool.
I downloaded the program, extracted the files (using T60-A again, being the only reliable computer). But I can't for the life of me figure out how to install the program. I found the .exe, but get error. winio.sys is missing in app folder or failed to load.
Any thoughts or recommendations on a different download that might work?
Sorry if these are the most basic of questions. I did search here and forums.thinkpads, and I'm still stuck.


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Re: What am I missing? (overheating, fans, tpfancontrol)



What are the 7-digit type/model numbers from the back of each laptop? This will aid further discussion and the referencing of part numbers.


If the fan in "T60-B" is making any abnormal noise it means it may not be giving optimal performance. It could probably still use a fresh cleaning and lubrication even if you don't see any obvious buildup of dust or particles. In addition, the thermal paste (a.k.a. thermal compound) between the heatsink and CPU may need to be refreshed. The thermal compound aids in heat dissipation. Use a good quality product such as Arctic Silver 5, which always works great for me.  

Have a great day. (I do not work for Lenovo)
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Re: What am I missing? (overheating, fans, tpfancontrol)



Okay, Firstly, I got the TPFancontrol working, so scratch all those questions.


And now the hard drive has been swapped from T60-A back to T60-B and I am monitoring temps. Maybe by the time I'm done typing, things will be warmed up a bit.


Type for T60-B (overheating 15" unit) is: 1952-AP2

Type for T60-C (donor 15" unit) is: 2637-D06 (DO6?)


Fans interchangeable maybe?


Don't figure the type for the 14" guy that works matters, but it is a 1952-A36.  Maybe there's a hard drive compatibility issue between the 14" guy and the 15" guy?


On T60-A, the fan was running at 2660rpm, CPU temp 61 degrees.

On T60-B (currently using to type this, Fan is at 3512rpm, CPU temp is at 81 degrees... and seems to be slowly climbing.


I'll post back shoul conditions change.





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Re: What am I missing? (overheating, fans, tpfancontrol)

So, it climbed as high as 84 degrees, pretty much at rest. So I back blew (just put my mouth up the the exhaust port and blew a few times). Decent amount of dust came out the intake. Now running at 76-79 degrees not at rest but no major loads (Chrome and Gimp).

Still high it seems. Time for a more proper cleaning, I guess. (All these computers are subjected to significant amounts of dust.. to the point that last time my wife took her Macbook Pro in for a fan repair, they said the amount of dust was easily enough to void the warranty..)
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Re: What am I missing? (overheating, fans, tpfancontrol)

Glad to hear you got TPFancontrol working. I assume you installed the latest version (v.062)? What OS are you using BTW? 


Good that you posted all 3 type/model numbers. Now, let's have a field day with parts. Smiley Happy


You have 3 standard screen (4:3 ratio) models:


"T60A": ThinkPad T60 (1952-A36)              

Based on 1952-43G: T2400(1.83GHz), 1GB RAM, 60GB 5400rpm HD, 14.1in 1024x768 LCD, Intel 950, CDRW/DVD, Intel 802.11abg wireless, Modem, 1Gb Ethernet, UltraNav, Secure chip, 6c Li-Ion batt, WinXP Pro


"T60B": ThinkPad T60 (1952-AP2)              

Based on 1951-52U: T2400(1.83GHz), 1GB RAM, 60GB 5400rpm HD, 15in 1024x768 LCD, Intel 950, CDRW/DVD, Intel 802.11abg wireless, Bluetooth/Modem, 1Gb Ethernet, UltraNav, Secure chip, Fingerprint reader, 6c Li-Ion batt, WinXP Pro


"T60C": ThinkPad T60 (2637-D06)              

Based on 2007-C7U: T2500(2GHz), 1GB RAM, 100GB 5400rpm HD, 15in 1400x1050, 128MB ATI Radeon X1400, CDRW/DVDRW, 802.11abg wireless, Bluetooth/Modem, 1Gb Ethernet, UltraNav, Secure chip, Fingerprint reader, 9c Li-Ion batt, WinXP Pro


First, it's worth mentioning that system boards between 14.1" and 15.0" standard T60's are completely interchangeable. There are 15.4" widescreen T60 models and boards between those and the standard screen models are not interchangeable.


Also, your T60A 14.1" and T60B 15.0"" both have an Intel 950 "Integrated" GPU and integrated fan/heatsink FRU 41V9931 or 41W6406. The fans from T60A and T60B are completely interchangeable (despite the fact their screens are a different size). Your T60C 15.0" has ATI "discrete" graphics and will have discrete fan/heatsink FRU 41V9932 or 41W6407. Most likely it has the 41V9932 since it's not a Core 2 Duo. However it does have a marginally better T2500(2GHZ) Core Duo processor which you may consider swapping into T60B, which currently has a T2400(1.83GHz) Core Duo processor.


Here's a nice find: Your T60C has a 15.0" 1400x1050 high resolution screen with I.P.S. Flexview display.  If that diaplay is in good condition (not too dim, no lines on the display, etc.) then it would be great to swap the entire LCD assembly from T60C over to T60B. The Flexview displays, as their name implies, allow for viewing at wider angles without loss of quality, and also have better contrast (the whites are brighter and the blacks are darker) and overall more vivid colors than a non-flexview display such as the 15.0" one on T60B.


There are no hard drive compatibility issues between any T60 models. You may just have to update a few drivers when swapping hard drives from one to another.


Here is your T60 system service parts list and Hardware Maintenance Manual. And here is a useful Knowledgebase article entitled T60/T61 Fan Replacement/Cleaning. Keep monitoring temperatures. Be back later. In the meantime one of the other guys may chime in.

Have a great day. (I do not work for Lenovo)
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Re: What am I missing? (overheating, fans, tpfancontrol)

Wow! Thank you!


All three are (or were) running XP SP3.


T60-A has been upgraded to 1.5GB Ram

T60-B is now 2GB


Both do, of course, have the 1.83 processor.


Hard drives, having been swapped around and or dead.. T60-A has a 60 gig HD.


New HD to go into T60-B is 250 gig, and is now working with a fresh XP install in T60-A (will swap them soon)


As for the fan in T60-C, it looks prettiy integrated with the heatsink to me. But maybe it's not. Yes, FUR 41V9932. So, is that to say it won't work in T60-B?


Any event, I don't think that's the problem. That said, T60-B is back up to 86 degrees. Gah.


Basically, T60-C was my first one. Love how rugged they are (I'm abusive), so I figured I'd just stick with T60s, and start a 'junkyard' of 'em  Smiley Happy


But I really prefer the 15" versions. 


Different drivers for the different types of (4:3, no widescreens here) screens?


Again.. thanks so much!

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Re: What am I missing? (overheating, fans, tpfancontrol)

Clean the fan on T60(B) with compressed air, but hold the blades with a thin screwdriver or a toothpick so they don't spin. You'll have to remove the keyboard in order to do this properly.


If the temperatures don't improve afterwards, or the fan remains noisy, it's time for a replacement.


Good luck.



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Re: What am I missing? (overheating, fans, tpfancontrol)

One more hint:

If the fan is running, the CPU is overheated but the heat sink is cool (touch it with a finger carefully), the heatpipe on the heat sink is damaged and lost its containing cooling-liquid ---> replace heat sink

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Re: What am I missing? (overheating, fans, tpfancontrol)

Thanks again to all of you! Y'alls are great!

I blew through the intake and exhaust for the fan again. CPU temp now holding steady at mid 50's to mid 60's. (question: At what temp should the fan come on? It seems to come on for me at about 65 degrees. Is that about normal?)
I will take it apart and clean it properly when I have air to spare, as well as glue up the cracked front panel, and maybe install the flex screen monitor from T60-C, and bump up the memory to 2 gig if I can scare up a chip.
As I first mentioned, the root of this project was to install a new 250 gig hard drive, with a fresh XP install. Below are my solutions to various issues I had along the way, for others who might have similar problems and find this thread in searching:
1: I could not install XP on this machine. Don't know why, but it didn't work. I had to put the new 250gig HD in T60-A, and install XP using that machine. Don't know why, the CD/DVD drive works fine on both. But that solution worked. And since T60-B was still overheating (perhaps the reason for the windows install problems), I used T60-A to get wifi working, and download various programs.
2: Wifi. I could not get it working. Downloaded drivers, installed. No luck. Finally saved the driver from the original T60-A onto a thumb drive, and from there, installed it on the new hard drive. Whatever works, I say.
3: Ultranav. I could not get it to work. Final solution turned out to be same as Wifi. Save driver to thumb drive, transfer to new hard drive.
4: Could not get sound to work. Downloaded drivers, they would not install. See #6. Before #6, I tried a system update.
5: Could not get system update to work. ".net framework" not found. Downloaded and installed .net framework 4, still no joy. Downloaded and installed .net framework 2, and all was happy. System update was cool with that one.
6: Still no sound. Drivers still would not install. Start->Run, pasted c:\drivers\win\audio\setup.exe  and done. That worked great!
So, there we go. T60-B is happy with new hard drive, all systems that I care about are working. Hopefully this will help some folks in the future. Most likely, it'll be me that finds it useful  Smiley Happy
One note To add, For those who foresee themselves changing hard drives some day with a fresh version of hte same OS, I'd strongly recommend saving any currently working drivers for Wifi, Ultranav, sound, etc onto a thumb drive and stashing it away. Obviously, this should not be necessary, but man, it would have been so much easier had I done that, and in my case, seemingly impossible had I not had a second computer to borrow from.
Some key words for the search: Wifi not working. Sound not working. Ultranav not working. Drivers won't install. .net framework. 
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Re: Dust, anyone?

Did I say I'm abusive? This is what appeared after blowing through the fan intake/exhaust:

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