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Fanfold Paper
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎08-16-2008
Location: USA
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What is SW_preload?

Hi, guys.


I have purchased a new T61 recently. It came with Windows vista Home basic. I installed several programs such as MS Office and Adobe Photoshop.

Then, I purchased Windows vista Ultimate version. After I upgraded to Ultimate version, C drive has changed to SW_preload and I cannot open any programs under this drive.


How can I use the programs that installed before I upgrade Windows?



Bit Torrent
Posts: 3,212
Registered: ‎02-16-2008
Location: Australia
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Re: What is SW_preload?

that is the c: drive's name, it contains everything that came with your laptop.
Token Ring
Posts: 164
Registered: ‎01-07-2008
Location: Central Texas
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Re: What is SW_preload?

If I recall correctly, "SW_preload" is the drive's label (or name). You can change this to anything else that suits your fancy.


I suspect your  MS Office and Adobe Photoshop programs were lost, and you will have to install them again.