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What's DOS?
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Which OS is for my product key?


I have 2 old T61s and want to re-install the orignal OS but the text on the product key sticker on the read is in a poor state and whilst I can read the full product code, I cannot read the version of OS, I can't tell if it should be XP, Win 7, 8.x or if it is home/professional version.

Does anyone know how I can find this out please?

I have the link to download Windows 7/8.1/10 from MS and I have tried a utility where I enter the code but this failed, Magicjellybean is of no use as they do not have the original Windows loaded.

The Certificate of Authenticity is from 2005 so I suspect XP is what I need but which version?

Any help would be appreciated.

Kind regards.



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Re: Which OS is for my product key?

Welcome to the forum!


Could you post the MTM code? Is a 7 digit code in a black and white sticker that you can find at the bottom of the laptop. With it we could eventually get the original configuration of your T61. Normally these models came with XP Professional or Vista Business Edition.




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What's DOS?
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Re: Which OS is for my product key?

I managed to find a solution this afternoon, quite simple really, I rang Microsoft and rasied a call as a home user about an issue activating my OS, when I managed to speak with someone and gave them the product key they told me it was XP Professional. As I have a DVD with this, I have today been able to load as per the original build.

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