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Re: Why only low-res, low-quality displays?

BTW an UMPC,review-1040.html have 5" display 800x480. Could we get an X (non-tablet) model with more reasonable resolution than the super-low 12" 1024x768 ? It is really getting ridiculous ...
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Re: Why only low-res, low-quality displays?

 Are there any Thinkpads available right now that have the 15" 1600x1200 IPS UXGA Flexview displays?  I can not work on anything else. If there are no Thinkpads with good displays like this, I can not upgrade anymore and am stuck with my T60p. I had A31p, T42p and T43p all with good displays for years. Will the new Thinkpad series offer these displays again?

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Re: Why only low-res, low-quality displays?

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Has anyone tried the new W series ThinkPads? On the W700, especially, they seem to have gone all out to make a serious professional quality machine, although their website says very little about the display. They tell us the W700 WUXGA display has 400 nits, for whatever that's worth, and that "Next-generation DisplayPort technology provides clearer, crisper images and a larger viewing area." For the price of a W700, I would expect the best ThinkPad display ever, although that gets beyond the size and price that even a fanatic like myself is willing to tolerate. However, the W500 does look appealing.


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