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What's DOS?
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Re: WiFi Adaptor problems with Windows 8.1


I had a similr problem in my B490 that the driver and adapter status were okay, but the Windows 8 network pane showed WiFi as 'Off'. None of the solutions pertaining to drivers and old versions of Lenovo PM worked.

Then I realised one thing- no Bluetooth device was showing at all in my laptop, and neither was I able to install the Broadcom BT driver (it exited as no device was available).

Then I remembered that in Windows 7, LENOVO COMMUNICATIONS UTILITY was used to switch WiFi and BT on/off.

I downloaded it and viola, all problems solved. The Wfi, BT showed as 'Off' in that, and I just switched them on. All systems were up and go, and I could also install the BT driver.


1. Download LENOVO COMMUNICATIONS UTILITY from your Lenovo Support page

2. This is NOT listed for Windows 8/8/.1 but only for Windows 7

3. This is NOT a driver, but a control panel, so you can freely download and install the Win7 version in Win8/8.1

4. Once installed, reboot.

5. Once logged in, press Fn+F5 (or whatever your softkey combination is).


7. When you press Fn+F5, two panes pop up in Win8/8.1- one being the Lenovo Communications Utility box and the other being the Windows Network Pane.

8. The Windows 8 pane causes the Lenovo Communications utility box to disappear

9.  DO NOT use Alt+Tab to switch, instead, take your mouse to the top of the Windows Settings, and minimize the app

10. Now you will see the Lenovo Communications Utility Window

11. Switch on WiFi and BT

12. Install BT driver now



AFAIK, drivers do not cause this problem (I downloaded all drivers using Windows update but they work fine). 

If you prefer, you can also use the Win7 version of Lenovo Hot Keys OSD, the pop ups for Caps Lock and Num Lock in this version is shown at the right bottom of the screen, which is prefereable to the centre postioning of the Win8 version.

Punch Card
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Re: WiFi Adaptor problems with Windows 8.1

cannot comment on above fix, and am sure poster has reported a good workaround,  but all should try below link first as it will show up in new install of Windows 8.1 as a PC error in Action Center and should be corrected regardless.


It did for me, running on T61P with Intel 4965AGN card. This card will work in Windows 8.1, and there is no need to replace card or flash BIOS among other things I have read. Use less aggressive fixes first but if this does not show up on installation or if that time has passed, refer to below link as the proper fix. This may only be relevant for above Intel card, I do not know. However, your Action Center flag will automatically find any missing drivers on new installation of Windows 8.1. It did for me and I have read in this forum where one other poster submitted this as the answer, but for me, I found it in Action Center. It does work 100% with no other fixes involved. I suggest to try it first before switching cards or any other more aggressive acts. I was very surprised that Windows 8.1 found this issue on its own. 


It can be found as  Lenovo Ricoh Multi Card Reader Driver - 7kss73ww.exe .if not showing up in Action Center or issue was deleted or ignored over time.



Good luck as this issue is very aggravating to say the least. Windows 8.1 works flawlessly on my T61P laptop with 3 GB ram and 500 gb hard drive. I figure 4GB of ram would be better but that is how it has always been so I left it alone. I have not encountered any other issues (Wi-fi connection) other than not knowing how to navigate around, but I will learn. Seems to be very stable OS and very surprised again it has been so fast and smooth. Great upgrade for a great laptop.

What's DOS?
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Re: WiFi Adaptor problems with Windows 8.1

I have tried all three versions of the Wireless 4965AGN driver but with no success.. I'm on Windows 8.1 NT 6.3 Build 9600. Anyone else with this problem that the Intel driver from 2007 is not working? I even tried to remove the whole adapter from Device manager each time to get rid of files and problems. But still getting LIMITED connection only.

Punch Card
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Re: WiFi Adaptor problems with Windows 8.1

Try using sp41263.exe I think from dell or hp.  These are older dell drivers but they work at full speed and doesnt die on your randomly.  I tested this on windows 10pro and they work fine (not i tested by disabling power savings).  Likely to work on win 8.1.


If things go badly you hve the option of disabling 801.11N in the driver section and use it as a G card which should work just fine.


No need to be silly and buy a G card off ebay.

Punch Card
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Re: WiFi Adaptor problems with Windows 8.1

You can also try the R202961.exe drivers or the Intel Wireless
What's DOS?
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Re: WiFi Adaptor problems with Windows 8.1

Thanks to God my internet working fine once I change the network adapter as u recommended. Previously I tried so many ways to fix the problem including, setting DNS, working with Command Prompt, modifying the Power Management, and updating Network Adapter etc. Thank you for sharing this method. I haven't found this method on YouTube. I hope someone will produce one video for this. I can't do it though I really wish to . My body is weak constantly due to an illness. 

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