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Will Lenovo continue to offer 14.1 standard displays?

My current notebook is a Compaq Evo N620c (1.6Pentium-M). I love it and wouldn't hesistate to buy another HP/Compaq business notebook, but HP no longer offers standard aspect displays. The T61p seems to be the last model from a major manufacturer with a 14.1SXGA+ screen and a powerful discrete graphics card. I plan on replacing my Evo when the warranty runs out in August, by which time the T61 will be discontinued, so I would like to know if Lenovo will continue to offer the standard displays.
Punch Card
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Re: Will Lenovo continue to offer 14.1 standard displays?

From what I have researched, they will not offer it for the T Series.
However, the X300 will have a 13" screen.
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Re: Will Lenovo continue to offer 14.1 standard displays?

Since the middle of 2007 it has been predicted, speculated and forecast, (therefore known), that the 4:3 format screen will dissapear because the screen manufactures have decided not to make them anymore. The T61 is 99.99999% the last TP that will have the 14.1" SXGA+. The X300 is 13.3" in 16:10 format.



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Re: Will Lenovo continue to offer 14.1 standard displays?

I don't understand how 16:10 displays can be so much cheaper to manufacture that noone will want to make 4:3 displays any more. Oh well....guess I'd better order a T61p before they're gone or just learn to live with the awful widescreen thing.
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Re: Will Lenovo continue to offer 14.1 standard displays?

The problem is, that nearly all TFT panel manufactors concentrate their panel productions more on producing mass widescreen panels than 4:3 format panels. This has mainly to do with panel industry forecasts and demands, the big growing TV market, costs versus earnings and so on.

The consequences are, that specific panel types, like certain 4:3 panels, are getting therefor rare on the market and that notebook producers like Lenovo and others, can't make sure any longer to get specific 4:3 panels on their needed quantities from panel producers. Another point here is, that TFT panels tend to get much more expensive, if they are only produced in low quantities, which in turn would then effect higher prices for notebooks which rely on such panels.

All in all every notebook manufactor can only assemble and offer third party parts (like TFT panel), which are available on enough quantities on the market. Further every notebook manufactor would also need to have some more different suppliers for nearly equal panel types, since if a specific TFT panel type would get short at the side of one supplier, they need to have an alternative supplier source, in order to be able to offer their notebooks. - So here it all depends on what, when and in which quantities is available on the third party supplier market!

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