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Punch Card
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Will This T61 accept a penryn cpu ?

Hello guys,
I know that this question may has been asked many times but here we go again.
I always had wanted to try the old thinkpad experience so I got one very cheap but in a rough condition. (Nvida Version)
Funny fact they forgot to remove a protective foil from the thermal pad  so the chip was not cooled at all.

Model type is : 7663 - B22 S/N xxxxxxxx
Manufactured : 08/04.

It has a T7300. Bios version is from 2010.
Will this survivor accept Penryn processors like T8300 ?

Well, in my country  Penryn processors  are cheaper and easier to find.

Thanks all!


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Community Moderator
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Re: Will This T61 accept a penryn cpu ?

Yes, it should work with no issues. I'd also recommend you to install the "Middleton BIOS" to remove any thermal error warnings and to unlock the SATA-II speeds. 




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Punch Card
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Re: Will This T61 accept a penryn cpu ?

Thank you for your fast reply.
Bit Torrent
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Re: Will This T61 accept a penryn cpu ?

I'd like to elaborate. It's possible you could have a merom only motherboard. The first Penryn capable motherboards were used in January of 2008. Yours was made in April of 2008. Odds are your motherboard is compatible but if it's not you will get a thermal sensing error because the merom motherboard cannot read the digital temperature sensor that Penryn CPU uses. In this application so sensor is redundant and the Middleton bios will prevent the error. If you install the new CPU and you get a thermal sensing error, hit the Escape key and it should boot. At this point install Middleton bios and you are good to go.


If you can tell me the part number of the motherboard I can tell you if it has native Penryn support.

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