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Will an upgraded screen need an upgraded cable??LG LP154we2

lets start from the beginning, T61 6457, Screen shattered mysteriously one day when i wasn't home & nobody knows anything. So i go to and order a new one. No brainer, click your your model, make etc. it picks it out for you.

I recieved an LG--LP154we2 wich is a step up from what i had. So i plug it in and its just black, glowing slightly but black.

I call lenovo for a part # and the kid tells me just send it in - its still under warranty. I was bedazzeled its 3 years old. I explain the magnatude of the situation- i took it apart, bla,bla,bla.. I called a few days later.. They told me every thing tested fine it was just an incompat screen or cable problem. Now, on another board i read it states that when upgradeing you need to upgrade the cable also. Screen is new, inverter is new, i tested this on 3 t61, it went grey on one of them but i just think it was a bad connction.


Do i need to change the cable or inverter & if so to what??

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Re: Will an upgraded screen need an upgraded cable??LG LP154we2

You did this the hard way, and the expensive way. The beauty of thinkpads is the vast selection of used parts that flood the market after 3years, when all the corp returns  become available. 


You could have popped on a new lid with any screen resolution you wanted, probably ranging from 50-150 usd depending on the screen.


If your changing just the LCD, then you really should match the exact one you removed, unless you're sure of what your doing. Now you have an inverter thats designed to run a panel that you haven't specified, and you have a panel that needs an inverter that we're unsure of...    this might not be easy to soft out, especially since you probably have an aftermarket LCD. 


I suggest you do a parts lookup and see what your unit came with...


Then list the make and model of the screen, as well as the FRU number they "claim" it's compatible with, and we'll try to sort this out.


Alternately, see if you can return your display and buy a good used lid that will come complete with matching LCD, inverter and cable.


Option 3, exchange the screen for a correct replacement for your original.

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Re: Will an upgraded screen need an upgraded cable??LG LP154we2

Yeaa, i'm giving up.

The new LCD's wesite says i only have 2 weeks to return, i didn't even have it opened and looked at in that time frame. I'm gonna make a phone call to them monday (yea they actually have a phone# listed on the wesite) and see what they say.  Its they're mistake they should exchange it. Or its gonna be ebay for that also or i will just hold on to it with the other gazillion parts i have.


I just bought an Ebay LCD for a half a buck. I put the 14" (7659) up for sale. The other 3 will go within the next 2 weeks. The 2 that are working at this point anyway. I may just keep the messed up one for a netflix box or music or torrents or somthing. Costco has a nice Z570 i7 on sale for $700. 8Gb/500. I seen it in the flyer yesterday, it goes on sale middel of the month. So im goin to check it out during the week, with an SSD and all the cutesy programs disabled it should be fine.

My biggest issue is the keyboard, and speed, i gotta like it

I bought may last T61 from Tiger and when it came time for my "FREE UPGRADE" a week later to win7. They wanted 30$ for shipping & handeling to send the disc. (handle this!!) I didnt pay that much to get the laptop shipped, it only came from a whs 4 miles away. I ordered one from lenovo took 6 weeks.


I will post back during the week

Serial Port
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Re: Will an upgraded screen need an upgraded cable??LG LP154we2

OK, all is pretty good with me now. I got the half a bucker off Ebay, its the sxga+ - works perfect. I called tech support on the other -non working new one.  The guy says he would exchange it right off the bat. He says i probably bought one thats to high of resolution for my old computer and the the model i picked out was for differant thinkpad (W or X ??but not T) I had to fill out a support ticket, play email tag -- and then after a couple hours of that crap. The guy swears to  me it will work, maybee i am doing somthing wrong. At this point i didnt know if it was out of anger or my OCD -- but i tried it 2 more times. Differant, working, T61's still nothing. Today i pulled the kiddie OS HD out (ubunto-kiddix, kids linux) and find a find a differant inverter in the cabinet (wifey ran over her t61p, 2 yrs ago, was cleaning off the snow and forgot about it. So what the hell i had to try it, LT is already apart . Suprise, suprise, it worked

Yeaa, i get it. i just googeld and ebay'ed the inverter and it for T/Pad W series. Same thing the first kid told me. Any now i got an extra screen, i am going to use this glossy hi res i bought. . To much BS for me not to use it now. So i guess that cable crap was just a rumor. it was the fricken invert me thingy.

i wont shop there again. (not right to mention the name, im sure everyone dont have a bad experience) first guy was nice, second (tech support) gave me a hard time from the word hello.(**bleep**)

Thanks for your reply's


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