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What's DOS?
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Windows does not open and I cannot see my desktop at all

I have a 2-year old T60, on which I recently tried to defragment files to free up hard space. Now, when turned on, it displays a message that the \WINDOWS\system32 file is corrupt or missing and that I have to reinstall windows with the CD-ROM, but I don't have it anymore. Can anyone tell me how I could possibly find this file and fix it? 

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Re: Windows does not open and I cannot see my desktop at all

Two steps to be executed to determine if the system can be recovered:


1. Easiest, boot the system and access Windows boot options (F8) and select "Last Known Good Configuraiton",..but this is unlikely to succeed if your system hive is truly corrupt since the LastKnownGood is inside the file you may be having issues with.  This recovery option needs to verified since it only takes seconds and foolish to execute the next step w/o verifying this one.


2. The registry hive could be corrupted and a chkdsk will fix it, the Catch22 is Windows has a boot time chkdsk feature but it has to load the system hive first,....well if you system hive is corrupted then you'll never load the base components to execute chkdsk.  You can create a Bart with PEbuilder but this is a task that requires a skilled novice or interim level expertise, if this is intimidating then you can download a shareware 14 day trial version with a genuine email address for your temporary license key and visit   download a compiled version of BartPE ISO.


If you aren't familiar with ISO's or how to burn an ISO then you need the assistance of tech since recording ISO's is a rudimentary task compared to what you have to do next--


Boot the PE enviro from your CD (you may have to press F12 at powerup to access your Boot Options menu


Execute the PE environment and start a command / DOS shell


chkdsk c: /f /x   

Press Eneter (DUH, if you need to be told to press enter.....get tech help nub ((if you don't know what "nub" means..... you need to stop repairing your own gear))


Take note of any file errors during the chkdsk, there will be a tally report at the end of the process and depending on how badly the disk is chunked up or how large the disk is...this could take hours to finish.


If that fails, then you'll have to explore professional troubleshooting options or the possibility of a reinstallation becomes larger.

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