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Paper Tape
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Z60M Memory parity Error

My laptop is Z60M 2531MTU

I get blue screen`s with memory parity error.

Most of the time, when z60m runs max power.


I did check memory - no errors.

I did reinstall WinXP several times - no effect.

I did try many drivers (for example - wifi) - no effect.


My comp still get bluescreens.

This is annoying - i have 3 year warranty till august 2009.

What should i do ?

I spend half year to do it myself, but with no effect.


Pls help me with this issue.

And sorry for bad english, it isn`t my native language.



Token Ring
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Re: Z60M Memory parity Error

Could be a motherboard fault. if you have re-imaged the machine multiple times and memory check passes the memory, i would reccomend calling technical support in your local country. failing that i would reccomend atleast running pcdoctor 

Search for  MIGR-56222 on the lenovo website.

Paper Tape
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Re: Z60M Memory parity Error

i run some DOS based mem tests - no errors.

It could be somthing related to heat, It runs very hot when going on MAX power

Serial Port
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Re: Z60M Memory parity Error

Check to see if you have all the updated drivers.  I discoved that the Lenovo autmatic update for what ever reason did not update all of my computers software to the latest verion.  If you go to Downloads, and then to tips, one of the first listed items, is a list of the most current drivers for your computer.  Be sure to search only for your computer.  I had to manually update four drivers, three of which the updates stated that they corrected bluescreen errors from the previous versions.  One of those bluescreen errors corrected was a memory parity error. 


Hope this helps.

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