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Fanfold Paper
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Z60m / T60 HDD upgrade

Hello all


I have offered to upgrade the HDD in a used T60 purchased by a friend for their son, on my advice. The HDD is only 40GB and his sister has a 500GB HDD on her new laptop, imagine how he feels!


I have been putting it off for a while because of the cost of drives from IBM, which I assumed had to be used. Reading that it is possible to upgrade using HDDs bought from elsewhere and seeing that the cost is less than half of those from IBM I decided I might as well upgrade my Z60m at the same time.


Anyway, the point is that I'm worried about compatibility issues. I saw, in a thread, a link to the HDD firmware updates where there was a list of supported HDDs and found two Seagate drives in the list that I can purchase relatively cheaply. Before seeing the list I was going to buy a couple of Toshiba drives that were a bit cheaper than the Seagate ones. Am I being over cautious or is my thinking right that it's a 'safer' bet to buy the Seagate drives in the hope that they'll at least work out of the box even if the firmware updates might not. Are the Seagate drives as good as any other compatible ones? I see people are going for Hitachi drives but they're more expensive still.


Sorry for the ramble.


Thanks for you help.

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Re: Z60m / T60 HDD upgrade

As long as it's a laptop SATA drive, 9.5mm/2.5" format, it will work in your ThinkPad(s) with no issues whatsoever.


Have fun upgrading.



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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Z60m / T60 HDD upgrade

Hello George


Thanks for your reply. Perhaps I'll get those Toshiba drives after all.


The last tinkering I did was to replace the fan assembly in my Z60m, which was rewarding. It was running very hot and really loud, too loud. Now it's cool and very quiet. Fancy them using two vents, one to suck in dust I suppose, but why?


Next up is some TLC for my T41, which I think is a great machine BTW, it's been running 24/7 for 8 years.


Thanks again.



Fanfold Paper
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Re: Z60m / T60 HDD upgrade

[ Edited ]

Hello George


I went for the Toshiba drives; a 160GB/7200 RPM for me and a 320GB/5400 RPM for the space conscious teenager. I'll let you know how the Thinkpads are after the upgrades, in case anyone is interested.

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