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Z61m bricked by BIOS update

All I wanted was to update the graphics drivers (ATI), but for some reason that required that the BIOS be updated to 2.04 or higher. SoI updated the BIOS to 2.26 using the windows utility, everything appeared to work correctly and it said time to reboot. When I rebooted the system, the POST screen came up and the fan went to full tilt and it just stayed like that. With a sinking feeling in my stomach, I sat and watched it for 10 min. but nothing happened. The system was completely unresponsive to any input, including the power button and I eventually pulled the plug and then the battery to shut it down. When I plugged it back in... nothing. Not even the AC power LED comes on when it's plugged in. If I press the power button, the CD drive initializes, the HD spins up, and after awhile it gets quite warm to the touch, so I guess the CPU is getting power although the fan isn't working which makes me nervous.


Is there any hope? Should I spend the money to buy a USB floppy and try the boot-block recovery method (already tried a few times with a USB key and nothing happened) or should I just put that towards a new motherboard?

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Re: Z61m bricked by BIOS update

A floppy drive is necessary piece of equipment for anyone who plans on using Windows since you'll encounter issues which may require a floppy utility to solve.


If you're fluent in removing the palm rest, it is worth disconnecting the battery to ensure BIOS is flushed and reatttempting normal boot before continuing recovery techniques, if you determine your BIOS is still truly smoked and if you haven't become completely disgusted with the Z6x, you can buy them preowned used from for about $350 and just like buying a certified pre owned Lexus and it includes a seven day no questions asked "I just don't like its face" return warranty and a 90 day warranty just as good as the new systems warranty.  That warranty is upgradeable and it will include the latest BIOS and software updates including your latest video driver that got you into the mess.

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Re: Z61m bricked by BIOS update

I had same issue on T61. Called Lenovo service and next day they replaced motherboard for that laptop.

You should do the same.

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