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Z61t, Advanced dock, and ATI x1300 issues

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I originally bought an advanced dock with the official "Lenovo ATI x1300" preinstalled and sent to me. On the first attempt I placed my thinkpad on the dock, and in no time the graphics card was recognized and I installed the driver from Lenovo's site. After being instructed to restart the Thinkpad, it went through the loading process. Except this time the computer stopped at the Windows XP loading screen. I thought of it as a fluke and simply restarted it again, but this time it froze after logging on(with no applications other sthan Norton, picassa, message center, and Steam.) The attempts would continue for hours with no avail. And in some cases freeze before the OS would even load. Finally I called Lenovo requesting a new dock and GFX card. Except they sent th dock without the graphics card. Because of the way the card acts when its pluged in I can't even afford to have the Ati card in the dock or it will freeze. So far I have attempted; system restore, bios, undock & hot docking, Device manager, and reverting to factory settings. If not my computer can this be a problem with the graphics card itself? Why is this happening? And if so what can I do about it?


Comments and questions welcome


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ThinkPad Z61T (9940-CTO) Core2Duo 1.8GHz, 4Gb RAM(registers only 3), 120 & 40 Gb Hdd
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