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a30 question on memory compatibility with error beeps


I have a thinkpad a30, switched motherboards (actually entire lower base with cpu), and still am getting 1 short beep, 3 short beeps, 3 short beeps, 1 short beep . . . indicating system board or DIMM .  . . . I thought I had a compatible stick of memory to test the new board but  . . . . mine has four chips on each side (8 total). I was told that it might require another configuration memory stick (even though pc133) . . .like 16 chip configuration. I'm totally lost at this point. Which memory should I be using? More importantly should my present 256MB PC133 SDRAM SODIMM 144 pin memory (with four chips on each side) work in my A30? I can't figure out if its my system board that is bad or the memory. Again, I've switched the memory board with no change in result and I've purchased this memory stick with no change in result.

Getting frustrated . .

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Re: a30 question on memory compatibility with error beeps

Any PC133 laptop RAM should work in A30, high/low density stick are not an issue for this machine type. The DIMM that you have, if it's not defective, should be just fine.


Try testing out that DIMM in another machine, with mem86.


Good luck. 



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