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Paper Tape
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crash problem see masage

i buy my t 61 before 4 days and every day 3 or 4 crash using internet
error signature:
bccode: 1000007f   bcp1: 00000008  bcp2: ba34d70   bcp3: 00000000
bcp4: 00000000   osver: 5_1_2600    sp:2_0  product 256_1
my window: xp en  sp2
please help
Broadband 3G
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Re: crash problem see masage

Enter the BIOS setup and choose "Factory Default", save and exit.
Check that your memory is seated correctly. If you are not comfortable opening the machine, find someone to do it for you.
Let the board know if these steps make a difference. Good luck.
What's DOS?
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Re: crash problem see masage

I have exactly same problem,

Code 1000007f, param1 00000008, param2 ba348d70, param3 00000000, param4 00000000.

I have ran PC-Doctor hardware tests from Rescue and Recovery - no errors,
I have restored default BIOS settings - the problem hasn't been solved,
I have restored system from backup - the problem is still left.

I have bought my T61 in jan 2008, and the first time when the problem have been occur is 26 may 2008. Since that day it occurs almost every time when i resume my T61 from standby. I dont have setup any drivers, devices or software, except updates.

Does anybody knows what the problem is?

Thanks in advance.
What's DOS?
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Re: crash problem see masage

Hi, has anyone have some other software installed - like firewall /what kind/ it seems to me that the problem ocures each time when I resume from stand by - when I was conected on wireless network, and the networks are managed by thinkpad access connections.


thank you for you time.