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docking station with dual monitors

I have been using a T60 (1951-A31) with a full docking station (2505) with both video ports in use.  It worked fine.


I have since upgraded to a T400 (6474-U11).  Physically it fits and powers up with no issue.  Originally it contained two 1Gb So-Dimm sticks of ram (PC3-8500s).  I have since tried to upgrade the ram to a stick of 2Gb and a stick of 4Gb (PC3-10600).  If I leave a single stick in place I have no problems.  when I try to include 2 sticks of the new ram, I get a horizontal "shredding" effect on the back ground, the icons, and any windows I open.  I atempted to use one new and one original memory stick but ended up with the same problem.


I have tried using a second identical docking station, but with the same results.  I can confirm that the T60 has no issues with either docking station.  The T400, by itself, with a monitor connected to the VGA port on the side has no video issues.  I have done a remove/reinstall of the video drivers. 


I am one version back on the BIOS with no way of upgrading until I get a replacement battery.


Would anyone have a suggestion on how to clean this up, other than sticking to a single stick of ram?





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