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What's DOS?
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formatting hard drive and reinstalling windows XP...

I want to format my hard drive on my T61 and reinstall the version of Windows that came with it. It did not come with any Windows discs, but it did make me some restore discs (used up about 9 of my cd-rs). My main question: Do these include my copy of Windows XP?


also...... during the reinstall/restoration, I think I'd like to get rid of some of Lenovo's software, because most of them I simply do not use and they just take up space. It's not a huge problem, but if there's an easy way to get rid of it all, I'd like to know.


Punch Card
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Re: formatting hard drive and reinstalling windows XP...

Hello ...

Yes ...I guess your Windows copy is included in your 9 backup CD's.

You can uninstall the Lenovo software after restore.

Some Thinkpad's used to have an hidden recover partition on disk ... don't know if it is the case of (your) T61.

Best regards,



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