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Serial Port
Posts: 96
Registered: ‎03-30-2008
Location: California
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Accepted Solution

malware in ISO BIOS file

[ Edited ]

Having to update my BIOS of my T61p with Vista 64 via CD, I downloaded the following file

T61p 2.20 BIOS Update via CD

And my Avast 4.8 (VPS version 080821-0) dectected a Virus/Worm.  The Malware name was identified as Junkie-1027.


Should I worry??

Message Edited by onix on 08-21-2008 04:40 PM
Serial Port
Posts: 96
Registered: ‎03-30-2008
Location: California
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Re: malware in ISO BIOS file

Posts: 135
Registered: ‎03-29-2008
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
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Re: malware in ISO BIOS file

I have downloaded the same Bios update after reading your post and scanned it with Bitdefender Internet Security 2008 and it found nothing wrong with the file. I loaded the Bios update and haven't had any problems. This doesn't answer your question but I thought I would reply anyway. Having said that I would worry about any trojan,worms ect.ect. but maybe you got a false positive or my Bitdefender isn't catching it. Bitdefender updates itself every hour and my computer has never been infected that I know about anyway.





7663-A22,T61 14.1 Wide,T7300 2.0gig processor, 4 gig RAM, 500gig Seagate Hybrid HDD, 200gig Ultra Bay HDD, Ubuntu 64 Bit.
Bit Torrent
Posts: 3,212
Registered: ‎02-16-2008
Location: Australia
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Re: malware in ISO BIOS file

I don't think a malware would have slipped into the official ISO BIOS file from, if there is one, many people would have been affected and you would been seeing alot of people complaining about it on this forum.