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Re: my IBM thinkpad t42pnk will not charge or power on

It's possible that the same problem that I've found on T23 motherboards which cause power problems has also affected your system.  That would be a loose or partially disconnected inductor.  They generally look like these:


Inductors can also "sing" (emit a high frequency whistle) so that might be another clue.


However, even if you locate a loose inductor, your reflow of the motherboard could have caused more problems.  You could ask your school for any compatible T42 system which has a busted LCD and hope that the motherboard doesn't have any problems.

Ray Kawakami
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Re: my IBM thinkpad t42pnk will not charge or power on

when i took it up to the tech place they said that i had reflowed it correctly, i just got new solder, i am going to see what i can do to fix it,  i called the school, they have quite a few ones with a busted screen, and a couple without a screen unit at all  Smiley Very Happy so its worth a try to fix the old mobo because it has the ati readeon firegl graphics chip with 128mb compared to the other t42 s that have the radeon with the 64mb or video ram

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Re: my IBM thinkpad t42pnk will not charge or power on

the problem is half solved, now you just need to pull those laptop apart and get the motherboard that you need. 


Jin Li

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