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power cord

I recently had my computer in for a fan fix, it only needed cleaning, while it was there i had more memory installed, but when i got it back the battery was dead, i plugged it in and it started charging, i opened it up and turned it on and it started up but after a few minutes it went off.


i tried this several times it kept repeating, as the battery charged it would stay on a little longer but it would still go off.  i let it charge to 90 % and started again.   it still went off. 


i unplugged the AC cord and the computer stays on.....does not go off, the box on the power cord was VERY VERY hot, do i need to replace the whole cord  Did the increased memory cause the power cord to over heat?  I can't find anything in the owners section to find out if this is the case.  any help is greatly appreciated.



i  have a z61 m    model #9450a38

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