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Paper Tape
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"Other Devices" Yellow Question Marks

In my quest to get sound on my computer, I have noticed that everything under my "Other Devices" tab under "Device Manager" has the yellow question marks beside them. I have a "Biometric Coprocessor" "Network Controller" "SM Bus Controller" and a "Unknown Device" tab listed here. Should I be concerned about these? And, if so, is this another driver issue like the sound was? Thanks for your time and here are my specifics.


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Bit Torrent
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Re: "Other Devices" Yellow Question Marks

Install and run system update, it will fix most, if not all of these drivers automatically.

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Re: "Other Devices" Yellow Question Marks

[ Edited ]

This table might help you.

You also can try to identify the device in the device manager on the "Details" - tab of each device in the "Device instance ID".

If there is an ID like "PCI\VEN_yyyy&DEV_xxxx..." input the "xxxx" in the right imput field on

In the result list compare the "yyyy" (above) with the VEN-ID and then you have found the device name.


Other/similar  "Device instance ID" starting with "USB..." or "ACPI" you will find in the table i've linked above.


The drivers you will find here


Have success.

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Paper Tape
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Re: "Other Devices" Yellow Question Marks

Thanks for your help Mornsgrans and Tuus. Looks like I am well on my way to things being back to normal.
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