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t41 wireless issues

I am having problems with a t41 laptop's wireless.  it is a type 2373-7FU with a Intel PRO/Wireless LAN 2100 3B Mini PCI adapter.  the wireless signal will drop out intermittently, usually while trying to load a webpage.  Sometimes it won't load a whole page without dropping and sometimes it lasts for 15 minutes. 


I have tried many solutions on lenovo's support for wireless (  all to no avail.  does anyone have any suggestions?   I am thinking the card probably needs replaced.


also, this is a B card and i would like to update it to a G card.  the problem I have is that when you look up your computer type on lenovo's hardware page ( it only tells you what can replace that exact type laptop, so it states exactly what came with the computer, so the same B card.  i want to know what wireless g cards are compatible with this laptop, but dont know since the above url doesn't state "these cards work for t41 machines, etc."  Does anyone know what G cards (probably listed on the above URL) will work with a t41, or how I can contact lenovo to ask such a specific question?



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Re: t41 wireless issues

Welcome to the forum!

Any Intel 2200BG or 2915ABG with an IBM/Lenovo FRU #.

Any IBM (Atheros-chipped) card, be it b/g or a/b/g - once again with an IBM/Lenovo FRU #.

Good luck.



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