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Fanfold Paper
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t43 keyboard problem

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Hello everyone I'm new to this forum and do not know proper protocol, so I am resubmitting my post, as I have not received any responses to my post. Hope that I am submitting this correctly. I would be interested in any input anyone might submit.


Running XP Pro on t43, Type 2668 Model 46u. T43 is set on docking station and using wireless keyboard and mouse.

Once removed from docking station keyboard on T43 would not work properly. Just found out on this site that I needed to press shift and numlock which worked, However my Esc, 1,Q, A, Z do not work is this a different issue? I recently upgraded memory and had to remove keyboard. Could this cause a problem and how might I be able to fix this.


Thanks in advance for any help and info



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