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want to play Sharepoint on IBM T61

G'day all,


I plan to learn and practise Sharepoint. As my T61(2G RAM, 160G hard drive) was bought in early 2008, I reckon its hardware doesn't meet Sharepoint requiremets. After some searches, I found the RAM could be upgraded to 8G. It seems that I won't bother to buy another laptop.


My queston is if somebody uses Sharepoint on T61 successfully. I am not sure if it will be ok after I upgrade the RAM.


Thanks in advance,



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Re: want to play Sharepoint on IBM T61



At work, we have people accessing SharePoint sites on everything from T60's with 3GB of RAM on up.  If you are talking about running a SharePoint 2010 server, though, it seems that it requires a quad core processor, according to these system requirements I found.




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Re: want to play Sharepoint on IBM T61

Hi npsp


For my previous internship, the company I am attached to is working with Microsoft for CIE (Customer Immersion Experience), which includes SharePoint and SharePoint Server 2010. 


From what I seen, T61 and T410 (all equipped with 4GB RAM) are used for client only. They used two Dell Mobile Precision M4600 (i7 2720QM, 4x4GB RAM, 250GB mSATA SSD, Quadro 1000M) as portable server. Which is sufficient to serve around 1000 customers.


I cannot guarantee it would work well or something, depends on your load, most likely would have performance issues.


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Re: want to play Sharepoint on IBM T61

You might need graphic card
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Re: want to play Sharepoint on IBM T61

Not sure what you are trying to do with sharepoint, but we use it for collaboration and multi-office file sharing.  I runi it no problem on my T61p (still on XP) and others do so on much lower-end stuff.  Not sure what is needed for the backend hardware.

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