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Token Ring
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z60m 2529-eau vista clean install no audio

z60m 2529-eau I did a clean vista install and let windows install the standard drivers. I get no audio. The SPDIF is confgured. If I play audio the volume bar goes up and down but the speakers do nothing. I press the volume buttons and get a beep. But noting wron windows programs. The driver matrix says that driver is part of vista. The hd audio says disconnected.
Fanfold Paper
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Re: z60m 2529-eau vista clean install no audio

I have been struggling with both Lenovo and Vista for weeks over this issue.  I'm told by Lenovo that    Z60m 2529's won't work well with Vista and am having to downgrade to Windows XP to get any sound.  Somehow the SoundMax on the motherboard died or was corrupted . . . all from just installing upgrades as recommended by Lenovo or Vista.  It is incredibly poor customer service that this occurs without Vista or Lenovo coming up with some way to fix it.  I've tried everything anyone has recommended on line, but nothing works as there is no sound device at all any longer on the computer; even downloads of XP drivers won't work.  BAD BUSINESS.  Spread the word and maybe these corporate giants might get to work.  And, if you'll note blogs and chats, you'll see this problem is spreading!!!

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