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I just bought a ThinkPad 8 and I want to start installing PC software into it but I can't work out how to transfer files from my laptop or from my USB back-up drive. I don't have any kind of home network so it needs to be a physical connection between devices. I tried simply plugging the TP8 into my laptop but it doesn't show up. I can't just connect a USB cable because I'd need something with non-standard plugs. I read through the manual but it has no information at all.


Is there an app I could install on my non Lenovo laptop or something? 


There are a few ways to do this transfer.


1) Use a USB cable called USB On-The-Go (OTG)


2) Upload files to cloud such as DropBox, Google Drive, etc, for ThinkPad 8 to download over the internet


2) Using an App called Lenovo QuickCast

(a) To transfer files between your Lenovo ThinkPad 8 tablet and your laptop, look for and install this app called Lenovo QuickCast in the Windows App Store. Install in both Tablet and the laptop.




quickcastThe app allows rapid transfers of huge files over a WiFi connection (ensure that both your laptop and the tablet are connected to a WiFi network).



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shouldn't the cable which comes with the thinkpad 8 work for data transfer? 


i'm not a technical guy so my question is how would i know if my cable is OTG? if it works on my phone shouldn't do the same with the tablet? 


i can't see my tablet on "My Computer" when i attach it for some reason


thank you

Lenovo proposes another app for wifi transfer: shareit What is the difference, advantage & drawbacks of QuickCast over ShareIt ?