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How do you add eBooks to the eReader program? I have some eBooks which aren't restricted by licence and I am struggling to find out what format this app recognizes. 


 Thinking I'd find a common format that it would read, I found a converter and as such, I've tried the following formats; epub, lit, lrf, mobi, fb2, pdb to no avail. Am I only able to add eBooks purchased from the Lenovo Store?

Ideally I'd like to use the program that came with the tablet, rather than get another app, but if that's the case I guess I'll make the switch and uninstall this one.


To add eBooks to the eReader, copy and paste the relevant files into the eBooks folder and they will appear on the eReader shelf for your consumption.


Additional tip:  If you have files on your laptop, netbook or desktop, transfer these onto a USB flash drive, then use the USB File Manager to drag and drop your eBook(s) into the eBooks folder - do not make the transfer to the eBooks cache or database folder as they will not show up otherwise.


If you do not wish to use a USB flash drive to do a transfer, you can also use a File Manager app, such as ES File Explorer and Astro to navigate and and move files. 

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