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Lenovo Staff
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I've had my 1838-25U (32GB; no dock; no WWAN). 


Is there a way to read / use / play / open files on a USB flash drive without copying the files to the tablet first?


When I put a USB storage device (flash drive or 2.5" portable drive) that has been formatted FAT32 into my Thinkpad, it says:


Device Plugged
USB disk plugged, do you want to start USB File Copy Utility?
[__] Save as preference and not notify me again.
[__] Start Utility. [__] Don't Start.



I've tried using Astro and ES File Manager, but neither seems to be able to just read the files directly off of a USB drive.





Try these workarounds provided by our community:


Method 1:

If you long press on the file you should get a message asking which app to open the file with (provided you have an app that can read the file). 


If it is a PDF or Office document you could open the app and navigate to the file you want to open as well.


Method 2:


Download from the app store a File Manager.

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