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Lenovo Staff
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I am having trouble unlocking/resetting my ThinkPad 1838 tablet. I get a message that I had made too many attempts at trying to unlock, even after I entered my username and password. 


I keep getting prompted to sign in. 

How can I perform a reset if couldn't unlock it?


There are two ways to perform a reset you may want to try.


Method 1: Reset through emergency reset hole

Disconnect the power supply of the internal battery by pressing the emergency reset button inside the emergency reset hole using a straightened paper clip.



Method 2:  Reset through the bootloader

  1. Shut the tablet down
  2. Switch off the device and then reboot into bootloader mode by holding Volume up button and the Power button together.
  3. In the bootloader, choose to reset to factory default

Note: All personal data will be erased.

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Reboot into bootloader mode appears locked, and investigation here and elsewhere leads me to believe that is the case, so the volume button-power button combo does nothing other than a normal boot?